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You Must Bend Time to Your Will

Bend Time to Your Will and You Will Sell More One of the key elements to being successful in business is managing your activities and getting the most important things done. Winners never complain about having enough time. Losers complain about having “time management problems.” This year you need to be a winner in the […]

How Sales Experts Get More Done In Less Time

Sales experts get more done than everyone else. It almost seems as though they have more hours in the day.  The truth is, they understand how to use the time they have in a more effective way. This article will help you understand the four types of activity taking up your time. It’s important you […]

How To Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the most important elements of success. But a goal is just a wish until you take action toward achieving it. There is one step in between setting the goal and taking the action that you cannot forget. You need to visualize the success you will have when you achieve the […]

Say No To Grow Sales

Say No To Grow Sales Sometimes you have to say no to grow sales. You control your business.  Don’t ever forget that. This episode of The 60 Second Sales Show empowers you to take back control of your future by using the shortest yet most powerful expression: The word “NO.” Sales and marketing expert Dave […]

Sales Productivity: Focus On Progress Not Perfection

Do you want to get more done each day? Are you struggling with productivity? Have you wondered how others, including your competitors, make things happen rapidly while you struggle just to get through the day? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, I’ve got a great video for you to watch.     […]

Unbury Yourself

A friend of mine introduced me to a CPA. The CPA has an impressive client list. There are several multi-millionaire athletes on the list. There are even a couple of billionaire (with a “B”) clients in his portfolio. My friend tells me the CPA has an amazing rapport with his clients and he (and his […]