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Relationship Revenue An Overview

Relationship revenue must be your focus. If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, sales professional, attorney or any type of professional service provider, the only way you can grow with reduced personal labor intensity is through leverage. That means relationship revenue is a must. This video explains what relationship revenue is and why you need […]

Experiences Deepen Relationships

As an individual representing a company, to your clients, you ARE the company. This is an important point, so I will restate it. The lens through which your client views your entire company is you. Here is an example: I recently needed to buy a new car for my wife to use to shuttle the […]

Sales and the Baseball Game Test: Do You Pass?

Want to test the strength of a sales relationship? Answer this question: Would your client sit next to you during a baseball game? Just you and the client. For nine innings. Eating hot dogs. Drinking a beer or two. Having a conversation. For three hours. Does that seem like a long time? Would it be […]

Combine Value and Relationships for Sales Success

My visit with a banker turned a boring trip into a sales success story. A few weeks ago, I stopped in the bank to make an administrative change to one of my accounts.  Since I bank at a local institution, I can actually speak with the branch manager.  While he was helping me with this […]

The Inside Story of Relationship-Based Sales

On this episode of the Sixty Second Sales Show we welcome Pat Murphy from Heartland Payment Systems. Pat is an expert on relationship-based sales and he gives us the inside scoop on making more money with relationships. Here is the transcript for this episode: Hi there, and welcome to another edition of the 60 Second Sales Show. […]

How to Build a Body of Work

Your body of work helps reinforce your expertise. If you want to be perceived as an expert, you must have a substantial body of work behind you to support you. This podcast is a clinic on developing a body of work to help position you as an expert. Here is the transcript of this episode […]

Profitable Relationships Are Built On A Foundation of Trust

A big challenge for business leaders is understanding and embracing the difference between developing relationships and selling. You sell a product or service.  This is done by identifying the customer’s need and then demonstrating how the features of your product will benefit the customer and ultimately meet the customer’s need.  This is called NBF selling […]

People Buy You

People buy you before they buy what you are selling. There is no sales technique in the world to change a prospective client’s mind if you turn him or her off. Focus on relationship development first and selling your product or service second. To sell yourself approach each interaction with these five things in mind: […]

In Sales No Sex On The First Date

Remember back in the days when you were young, dumb, and running around like an alley cat in heat? Remember how you only had one thing on your mind? You were boy crazy, girl crazy, or basically just sex crazy. Remember when that was the only thing you could think about? And if you say […]

Selling Success Starts With Great Relationships

Great relationships lead to selling success. When you think about all the different relationships in your life, which ones do you think are most important? Your therapist will tell you it is your relationship with your mother. Your mother will tell you it is your relationship with your spouse. Your clergy member will tell you […]

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