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Speed Without Quality Is Death

Speed without quality means the death of any sales relationship. I recorded this Facebook Live session in front of the Merchant of Death, McDonalds. McDonalds provides food that will ultimately kill you but they do it quickly. When you develop a relationship quickly without all the elements we include in the 60 Second Sales process, […]

How To Sell Yourself

Do you know how to sell yourself? The title of this article is a common common challenge when we meet someone new. As such, we all answer it regularly. Yet the answers I hear from people often make me cringe. When you have an opportunity to talk about yourself do you downplay your accomplishments? Or […]

Party Time Is Selling Time

Party time is selling time. This Facebook Live Video was shot right before a birthday party at my home.  Part of the 60 second sales process is developing deep relationships with your clients. One of the best ways to develop those relationships is to socialize with them. Invite clients to break bread with you – […]

Selling Success Requires Positive Relationships

Selling is all about building positive relationships. Whenever you start a new relationship you take some risks. The biggest risk you face is that the other person will reject you. Rejection hurts. And no matter how many people love you, some will always reject you and inevitably, you’ll feel the sting of that rejection. For every […]

How To Get More Clients Today

Do you want to know how to get more clients today? Of course you do. Most of my clients want a sexy new internet trick that will help them get new clients. The most successful business people I know still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships. Here are three […]

How to Build Valuable Relationships With Your Clients

How to Build Valuable Relationships With Your Clients Welcome to the 60 Second Sales Show. I am Dave Lorenzo, your host. I’m the guy who helps you make a great living and live a great life. Today we’re here to help you create deep, lifelong relationships with your clients, in 60 seconds or less. Increasing […]