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How to Set Winning Sales Strategy

Everyone wants to close more deals. Everyone wants to win. Today we explore ways to set winning sales strategy and how to implement it. Here is the step-by-step guide to setting winning sales strategy. The entire strategy is set around what your best clients do. To attract more clients like your best, you must study […]

How To Sell Anything To Anyone

A few weeks ago I recorded a video with the title: High-Ticket Sales Expert Reveals: How To Sell Anything to Anyone. This video set off a chain reaction of events that can only be described as “amazing.” First, please watch the video: High-Ticket Sales Expert Reveals: How To Sell Anything to Anyone Demonstrating value before […]

Focus On The RIGHT Sales Prospects And Not ANY Sales Prospects

When it comes to sales prospects, most people don’t give much thought to who they target. I often hear that a product or service is so valuable “anyone” will benefit from it. When you target “anybody” you sell to “nobody.” You must focus your prospecting on people who are identical to your best client. There […]

Key Relationship Targets

There are four groups of people who are your key relationship targets in relationship based sales. These groups are labeled: Clients, Evangelists, Prospects and Suspects.  The video below provides a brief overview of the composition of each group and their importance in the sales process. Here is the transcript from the video: When it comes […]

Content Drives Sales

People want to work with experts. People pay to work with experts. People pay a premium to work with experts.  You’re so busy trying to get your product into the hands of everyone you meet you forget what people are actually buying. People aren’t buying a widget. They are buying a solution to their problem. […]

Jump Start Your Sales and Your Thinking in a New Year

Each week I highlight five things you can do to jump start your sales.  I call this “Five for Friday.  Here are the five things to jump start your sales this week. One: Fast Start We are just a few days into a New Year.  You still have time to get 2018 off to a Fast […]

How to Get Ready for a New Year

How to Get Ready for a New Year This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about how to get for a New Year. If you want to make sure you are on track to make the upcoming year your best, this is the show for you. Listen now and follow along with […]

Systems Enable Sales

Systems Enable Sales If you want to sell more – and who doesn’t – you need to develop systems to enable your success.  This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about replicating your sales success.  Imagine duplicating your best performance, over and over and over. That’s not only possible, that’s what the […]

You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

Years ago, you used to be able to barge into a home or office and interrupt people and they would listen.  If you were good, and you knew the features and benefits of your product or service, you might even make a few sales because of cold calling and knocking on doors. Sales has changed. […]

Sales Has Changed

It is time for you to face a difficult reality.  You can no longer get your product into the hands of your customer the old way. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, consulting services, medical devices or media time, the “show-up and throw-up” method is dead. You’re familiar with that approach.  You cold call, […]