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You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

Years ago, you used to be able to barge into a home or office and interrupt people and they would listen.  If you were good, and you knew the features and benefits of your product or service, you might even make a few sales because of cold calling and knocking on doors. Sales has changed. […]

Sales Has Changed

It is time for you to face a difficult reality.  You can no longer get your product into the hands of your customer the old way. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, consulting services, medical devices or media time, the “show-up and throw-up” method is dead. You’re familiar with that approach.  You cold call, […]

Tools Training and Sales

Tools and training make a huge difference in how you view sales. How do you think about sales? Is it something you want to do? Or is selling something you have to do? In my front yard, we have a small fountain. Water flows through tubing hidden inside several large stones and out a hole […]

How To Use Social Media To Boost Sales

How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales In this episode of the 60 Second Sales Show we discuss how social media can help you grow sales quickly. There are three aspects to sales growth with Social Media: Visibility Credibility Differentiation We look at each of these in this week’s who and go into detail […]

Profitable Relationships Are Built On A Foundation of Trust

A big challenge for business leaders is understanding and embracing the difference between developing relationships and selling. You sell a product or service.  This is done by identifying the customer’s need and then demonstrating how the features of your product will benefit the customer and ultimately meet the customer’s need.  This is called NBF selling […]

Seven Step Guide To A Powerful Sales Message

When was the last time you gave any thought to your sales message? Have you ever delivered a sales message to an audience only to have them misinterpret your intent? Did you ever communicate something to a group, expecting them to take action, only to be disappointed with the results? These scenarios are quite common […]

Three Best Ways to Generate Leads

All sales professionals and business leaders must be perceived as experts in their field. A client will welcome a relationship with an expert but he will dread meeting with someone selling him something. There are three ways to develop this reputation and generate leads. Here are the three ways to generate new leads. Speaking Speaking […]

How to Become More Valuable To Your Client

Sometimes it is impossible to see the value we provide to others because we are too close to the day-to-day activity of our profession. This is often the situation I encounter when I speak with an entrepreneur who needs help with sales.  He is perplexed because there are other businesses in his field (or in […]

Girl Scouts Build Sales Skills

A couple of days ago I met someone who I am certain that I will never forget.   This was not a famous person.  This was not someone who was a business leader.  This was not a polished speaker or influential pillar of the community. This person is one of the best sales professionals I have […]

Forget Me Not: How To Be Memorable

You must learn how to be memorable. People want to do business with you forever.  They know you. They like you. They trust you. However, they have forgotten about you. You must correct this. That is the focus of this week’s 60 Second Sales Show. Here is a transcript of this show: How to Be […]

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