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Forget Branding: Focus On Sales

Will you please forget branding? Too many sales professionals and entrepreneurs are so concerned about their “brand” they forget to sell. It happened again yesterday. I received a telephone call from a business leader with a small but growing company. He just signed a contract with an “advertising company” to improve his brand. He was […]

Transform Your FAKE Sales Process into a FREE Sales Process

In this episode, Dave talks about how to take your Frustrating Annoying Killing you Everyday sales process and transform it into a Fun Rewarding Easy and Engaging sales process. Here is the transcript: Hi there, everyone and welcome to another edition of this 60-second sales show. I am Dave Lorenzo, I’m your host and I’m the […]

Forget Cold Calls: Be Invited To Sell – Every Time

Forget Cold Calls: Be Invited To Sell – Every Time Welcome to another edition of the 60 second sales show. I am Dave Lorenzo, I’m the guy who helps you make a great living and live a great life. Today we are going to focus on the one thing that every sales professional, every entrepreneur, […]

Jump-Start Sales with a Client Appreciation Event

The four-step appreciation system I outline in this article is the fastest way to jump-start sales. Most sales professionals don’t think about themselves as business leaders. If you shift your mindset, you realize there are things you can do to position yourself to sell more to your existing clients and to entice your evangelists to […]

Networking and Sales: How difficult can it be?

Last week I spoke at a conference for attorneys. After one of my sessions, I met a few of the attendees in the restaurant and they invited me over to their table for a drink. As you can imagine, the subject of sales came up. They wanted to specifically talk about networking. A sharp guy […]

My Beautiful Disaster

In 1998 I was thrust into a role that tested my resolve. Marriott purchased a corporate housing company named ExecuStay and I was selected to run it. Corporate housing is a business that focuses on executives on temporary assignment or individuals being relocated by companies. At Marriott, our goal was to find out where these […]

How to Sell When You Need Money Quickly

How to Sell When You Need Money Quickly Hi, everybody. Welcome to the 60 Second Sale Show. I’m Dave Lorenzo. Today’s show is about the question that’s on everybody’s mind. That’s right. I’m talking to you. Today’s show is all about what to do when you need money quickly. At least, and this is absolutely […]

Seven Ways to Sell Today

You want to know what you can do today to attract more clients. I get it. There’s noting wrong with wanting specifics. Here are seven ways to sell today. The thing to remember about each of these tactics – they are cumulative – meaning the longer you do them, the more powerful they become. Seven […]

How to Create a Culture of Sales Success

Have you ever wondered why some companies struggle just to get by while others flourish? One of my clients, Phil, was promoted to Managing Director of a medium size law firm in South Florida a little more than a year ago. His firm was heavily into representing condominium associations and real estate transactional work. Phil […]

Sell to Prospects Not Suspects

You have to know who buys your product or service.  You sell to prospects and not suspects. As a reminder: Suspects are people you suspect will buy your product. They are qualified. Prospects are people who have shown an interest in buying your product.  They are not just qualified but they have an interest in […]

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