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You’re Not a Lawyer You’re a Salesman

Last Thursday I was on the phone with a successful attorney and his question reminded me of something valuable I discovered years ago. About midway through the conversation, the lawyer said: “Dave, I don’t want to practice law. I want to invite clients into my office, listen to their problems, and offer to help them […]

Five Qualities Necessary for Sales Success

During this day and age of limited time and resources I am constantly being asked to boil success down to a handful of qualities. Everybody wants the five “secrets” to success. While I am hard pressed to limit the qualities of successful sales professionals to just five things, I can give you five qualities that […]

Seven Step Guide To A Powerful Sales Message

When was the last time you gave any thought to your sales message? Have you ever delivered a sales message to an audience only to have them misinterpret your intent? Did you ever communicate something to a group, expecting them to take action, only to be disappointed with the results? These scenarios are quite common […]

Girl Scouts Build Sales Skills

A couple of days ago I met someone who I am certain that I will never forget.   This was not a famous person.  This was not someone who was a business leader.  This was not a polished speaker or influential pillar of the community. This person is one of the best sales professionals I have […]

Ignorance: The Secret Of My Success

Early in my career I transitioned from a job managing a business for Marriott into a role where my responsibility was primarily to develop new business relationships in the world of consulting.  I had some management responsibility. There was an office with some administrative people, but as the guy in charge, for me, job number […]

Take Action Make More Money In Sales

Making money should be second nature for you. You’re smart. You rely on facts and proof to help you make decisions. You are great at selling. And when you need money it always seems to come to you. So why aren’t you rich? Unfortunately, all of the characteristics I described above are not prerequisites for […]

Old School Sales Tools Still Work

Most of my clients want a sexy new trick that will help them close deals. The most successful business leaders still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships. Here are three things you can do TODAY to attract more clients. The good news: They require no investment whatsoever. Talk to […]

Sales Success Is In Your Head

There are three things that separate successful people from those who remain stuck in “neutral.” These three things are not taught in any school. They’re not found in a book or on a website. They’re not special techniques you can learn from a guru. These three things are personal qualities. They’re part of your behavior. […]

Seven Ways to Sell Today

You want to know what you can do today to attract more clients. I get it. There’s noting wrong with wanting specifics. Here are seven ways to sell today. The thing to remember about each of these tactics – they are cumulative – meaning the longer you do them, the more powerful they become. Seven […]

All About Relationships

It’s all about relationships. This is the first episode of the live video show: How to Become a Sales Superstar. Here is the transcript: Hey, how’s it going? I am Dave Lorenzo, you’re here watching me on Periscope, you’re with me right now in my kitchen. The title of our show on Periscope, and also […]