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The Business You Are Really In

Everybody wants to be a rockstar. Grab a microphone, stand in front of a group of people, tell a few stories, get a standing ovation, hop on a plane and go to the next city. And have people pay you to do it. There is an entire organization – The National Speakers Association – dedicated […]

Should You Pay To Speak Somewhere?

As an author and professional speaker I receive compensation for delivering a talk to an audience. My job is to educate, inform and entertain. A happy byproduct of professional speaking is developing relationships with members of the audience – and that often leads to consulting work. Since I’ve spent the better part of 30 years […]

Boost Sales By Speaking

One of the fastest ways to boost your sales is through using speaking engagements. Here is a case study of one of my clients and his experience using public speaking to grow his sales. Many people use speaking engagements as a way to develop business.  Yet many of the folks I work with have a […]

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