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What To Do To Get Sales On Track

Many people come to me because they want to get their sales on track.  If this is you and something happened along the way and you got off track, realize  that’s not unusual. Our relationship is one where I serve as the gentle nudge to get you focused on things that will make a difference […]

April Showers of Sales Training

This week the Sunday Summary contains a massive amount of Sales Training information. I produced so much content it is difficult to pick just a few pieces as the most valuable. I don’t spend a great deal of time talking about how many hours I put in to content development. There are people who do […]

My Pain Your Gain

This is the Sunday Summary. It is a recap of the information I’ve shared with you on my website and on multiple forms of Social Media during the past week. This is for the week that ended January 26, 2019 and I created and posted over 20 videos this week on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. […]

I Made a Big Mistake This Week: Sunday Summary

Here is your Sunday Summary: A quick look at the guidance that can change your world if you act quickly. This week I made a big mistake and so, I did what everyone does…I amplified it by sharing it with the world and you can benefit. You can read the whole story here: Secret Sales Video Reveals […]