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How To Promote Yourself Without Looking Like A Jerk

In a recent video I told you to brag about your accomplishments.  If YOU don’t talk about the things you do better than anyone else, nobody else will talk about them. Here’s the video (it’s less than one minute in length). What do you do if you are uncomfortable talking about yourself? One of the […]

You’re Depressing Me

My career (after college) began as a housekeeping manager in a hotel. It is hard to find a less glamorous position. Ten-hour work days were required but twelve-hour days were the norm, and eighteen-hour days were not uncommon.  The pay was low and the responsibility was high.  We had 444 rooms in our hotel and […]

How To Create Urgency

Closing deals faster requires you create urgency. There are three ideal ways to create urgency: Appeal to self-interest Make a time-sensitive offer Inject emotion into the deal Sometimes just one of these is enough to get the deal done and sometimes you need to leverage all three of them. This video (recorded from my Facebook […]

Selling Is Helping

Selling is helping. Most people have the wrong idea about sales. They think you “show up and throw up” meaning you walk into a client’s office and make a presentation with the hope he will magically be convinced you have something he needs…right now. It is this approach and the attitude behind it that have […]