Jump Start Your Sales

Jump Start Your Sales and Your Thinking in a New Year

Each week I highlight five things you can do to jump start your sales.  I call this “Five for Friday.  Here are the five things to jump start your sales this week.

One: Fast Start

We are just a few days into a New Year.  You still have time to get 2018 off to a Fast Start.  I offered you the chance to give me a call and discuss your goals. I have not heard from you.  Why?

Here’s the number: 786.436.1986

Are you thrilled with your business?

Do you get home on time every night?

Is every client just like your best client?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you need to call.

Two:  You Make As Much Money As You Think You Should

Your head affects your wallet.

You’ve programed your subconscious mind for the income level you currently achieve.

Want to fix that?

Watch this video:  You Make as Much As You Think You Should 

Three: How to Build Momentum

Has your progress on a specific project stalled?

This brief (less than 2 minutes) video has the secret you’ve been looking for.

Keep your momentum going.

Watch:  How to Build Momentum

Four:  Achieve Your Goals: Why not How

This is a powerful video.

The key to achieving your goals is a focus on WHY and not HOW.

Most people do not take action because they think it will be too difficult to do the work necessary to achieve a goal.  This is a focus on “HOW.”

That’s wrong.

Watch this video to discover the most important video you’ll watch this year:

Why Not How

Five: Your Thinking

We begin 2018 with a focus on what is happening between your ears.

Most people come to me seeking the tactical action steps they need to make more money and get home on time each night.

The reality is they need a “Check-up from the neck up.”

Confidence is the element that’s missing.

Get your head on straight. 

If you need help, see today’s number one.


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Push The Reset Button

When I was ten- years-old my parents bought me an Atari Video Game system.  I loved that thing.  I was only allowed to play with it on weekends and holidays (so it didn’t interfere with my school work) and I looked forward to getting a new game each week and mastering it.

Of course, the first time I played a new game I would struggle miserably. I’d fail repeatedly but I never got frustrated.


Because on the far-right side of the game console was a lever I could push to reset the game and start over.  If the game gave me three attempts at something and I was in a bad position, I’d reach for the lever and start again.

A fresh start was always within reach and that gave me comfort.

When the calendar moves from December to January you examine your progress and make changes. You want your future to be better than your past.  You make lists. These lists include things you are going to start and they include things you are going to stop.

The New Year’s zeal begins to fade about a week into January.  That’s when you get back to work.  That’s when the kid’s go back to school. It’s when the snowfall from the “White Christmas” begins to take on the gray sludge-like shade you know will be with you through March.

The change you wanted – the change that seemed so attainable in your mind – now seems so far off in the distance, you are hardly able to muster the energy to take the first step.

Enthusiasm gives way to your old routine and that leads to melancholy.

But it doesn’t have to.

You don’t have to wait for the calendar page to flip to start something new.  You can push a “reset button anytime.

Today, right now, you can start over. And if you are unhappy with the actions you’ve taken today, you can hit the reset button and start over tomorrow.

It is that simple.

If you are hesitant to start over, or if this feels uncomfortable, think about these things when preparing to start something new (a weight loss and fitness program, a new business growth plan, an attempt at acquiring new skills and knowledge):

Failure Does Not Exist:  Whenever you start something new, you struggle.  That is part of the learning process.  If you learn, you are not failing, you are growing.  In fact, the process of making mistakes is essential for growth.  Do not fear failure, embrace it.

Ignore Comparison with Everyone Else: You are in a class by yourself.  Do not compare yourself to anyone else.  Focus on what you want to accomplish right now.  Comparisons lead to frustration, and frustration leads to complacency.

You see evidence of this in the world around you every day.

This past weekend my son, Nick, played in a baseball tournament for the first time (he has played recreational baseball for a year but tournament play requires a higher level of skill).  Nick’s teammates’ play in the field far exceeds his ability at this point in his baseball career.  They are more agile, have better situational awareness, and better command of the tools of the trade.

Nick played every inning of the tournament and gained extraordinary experience.  He made many mistakes but also made a couple of successful plays. At bedtime, last night, we took stock of his performance and focused on how he had grown as a player in the past few months.  There was no talk of his play compared to the other kids. That would have only served to demotivate him (and me).  We agreed we were pleased with his growth.

This morning he enthusiastically announced he was looking forward to the new season.

Review your own progress and never compare yourself to others.

Enjoy the Process:  You must find a way to appreciate the growth activity itself.  Look for the positive feelings that come from any small success and celebrate.

If you start a fitness program and your muscles ache, recognize pain and soreness as a temporary feeling indicating progress.  (Muscle soreness dissipates as your body begins to adjust to the new stress and recovers more quickly.)  Appreciate these signs of progress as precursors to success and you’ll have a more enjoyable journey.

Your life is a gaming console just like my Atari. You have an opportunity to insert a new game anytime and, if you want to start over, just hit that reset button.

No calendar, no person, no situation, should hold you back.

Start over right now and enjoy the results…but more importantly…enjoy the growth opportunity each new day presents.

Tools Training Sales

Tools Training and Sales

Tools and training make a huge difference in how you view sales.

How do you think about sales?

Is it something you want to do?

Or is selling something you have to do?

In my front yard, we have a small fountain. Water flows through tubing hidden inside several large stones and out a hole in the top. The water dribbles down the sides and into the bowls below. It makes a pleasant, relaxing noise and it looks good.

The water flow in this fountain is powered by a small pump. The pump is hidden in the base resting in the bottom bowl of the fountain.  If this small pump breaks, the stone pieces of the fountain (each weighing a minimum of 25 pounds and the larger ones weighing over 100 pounds) must be removed. The electrical cable must be rethreaded when you replace the pump and the tubing that conducts the water must be rerun through the stone.

My fountain pump broke last week. This is the second time this year. We have a special occasion coming up and my wife wants the house to look its best. This means I had to fix the fountain.

I did the job but I procrastinated. I was miserable the entire time.  The process probably took longer than it had to because I didn’t have the right tools and I didn’t know what I was doing.  I had to improvise which means I used the painful process of trial-and-error.

This is the perfect formula for misery.

Required task

Don’t have the tools to do the job

Have not been properly trained

That is how you feel about sales.

You’re required to do it. You don’t have the correct tools. You have no real training. You are using the painful process of trial and error.

The job itself is not the problem it is the process that you dread.

When you have the correct tools and you know what you’re doing, even things you don’t want to do can be fun, rewarding, easy and engaging and the results make you want to do it again and again.


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How to Improve Self-Esteem

How To Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the most important aspect of sales. You are who you think you are!

If you want to grow your book of business you must think of yourself as the person you want to be.

For example:

You have two widely different sales years. In year one you close $1 million in new business and take home $200,000 in compensation.  In year 2 you close $2 million in new business and take home $400,000.

Are you the $1 million producer or the $2 million producer?

Or are you a $10 million producer who is just getting warmed up?

You perception of yourself will determine how much you produce next year.

In this episode of the 60 Second Sales Show we focus on how you can improve your self-esteem and use it to grow your business.

Here is the transcript of this episode:

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another edition of The 60 Second Sales Show. I’m your host, Dave Lorenzo and with me I have my partner in distributing fantastic information. I know you think I was going to say my partner in crime, but no crime will be committed here today. My partner in distributing fantastic information, Nancy Pop. Hi, Nancy. How are you?

Hi, Dave. I’m doing good. How about you?

I’m doing great, thanks. Today we’re going to kick off with a great question and it’s something that is so important. I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is. Nancy, read the question we got from my friend, Edwin, in Titusville and then we’ll talk a little bit about the concept that Edwin raises today.

Today’s question is from Edwin Allen from Titusville, Florida. He says, “Dave, I lost my best client a couple of weeks ago and I’m really down. How do I get my confidence back?”

This is probably the most important thing … The most important factor in business is your self-esteem. Think about that for a minute. When we think about business, we think about funding. We think about finances and how to have the money we need to get things done, but really that’s not the most important factor in business. The most important factor in business is the self-esteem of the leader. It’s the self-esteem of the sales pro who’s going out on the front lines everyday looking to make contact with people and introduce the value you provide to new people.

In life in general regardless of what you do, you can be a performer, you can be a professional athlete, you can be a performer on stage, you can be someone working in a factory on the assembly line, if you think you are the best person in your role, you will behave consistently with your thoughts. Nancy, has there ever been a time when you wound up having a serious setback and the next thing you knew, you were on top of the world. You went from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. Has that ever happen to you?

Oh, sure. It happens every week.If you don’t mind sharing with our audience, tell us a story about when that’s happened to you. Tell us first about one of the lows and then tell us about how you came back and one of the highs. Give us the story.

Sure. I have many stories of those instances, but I guess one that happened quite often was last year I was a full-time student and I had a full-time job and an internship. For me it was just the struggle of balancing everything. Anytime something bad happened even if it was the smallest thing, my confidence would completely plummet because I would just think to myself, “Why am I not Superwoman? Why can’t I do everything and do it perfectly?” I think it’s sometimes you expect so much from yourself that the smallest thing that lets you down, you’re just going to feel like total crap about yourself.

The point that you raised is a good one. When we talk about how to overcome setbacks or how to boost your self-esteem, we choose the view we have of ourselves. You choose to view yourself in any given moment as the person who achieved the highlight of your career or you can choose to view yourself as the person who just got absolutely crushed. I feel that it’s so valuable to share stories of setbacks and how you overcome them that … The reason that it’s valuable to share that is because for 2 reasons. Number 1, it’s just like why we go to the movies. People think we go to the movies to laugh and be entertained or to be thrilled or to engage in a story that keeps us riveted.

The real reason we go to the movies is to experience through the portrayal of other’s lives, to experience the emotions that other people experience and we want to see that other people have setbacks that are worst than ours. We want to see that other people have it worst than ours so we can feel better about ourselves. Now you may say to yourself, “Look, that’s a very cynical negative view of the world,” and that maybe true, but subconsciously we look at people who have setbacks and who overcome them and we say to ourselves, Number 1, “Wow, that was so much worst than what’s going on with me. I’m so glad I’m not there.” We also say, “Jeez, if that guy can overcome what just happened to him, I certainly can overcome this.”

Edwin, when you asked me this question, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you the gift of sharing with you some … Just some crappy experiences that happened to me this past week so that you can understand that no matter what happens, people overcome much worst. Then I’m going to show you how you can overcome whatever situation you’re going through right now. Look, the bottom line is if you have a problem that writing a check can fix, you don’t really have a problem. I’m going to say it again. If you have a problem that writing a check can fix, you don’t really have a problem. Losing a client is not only not the end of the world, but it can encourage you to take massive action and get going to achieve success.

Real problems, real setbacks are things that require massive intervention beyond the scale of human capabilities. I don’t want to bring everybody down, but health issues for example. That’s a real problem. Losing a problem, that’s not a problem. Let me tell you a little bit about what my week was like and you’ll see I think how … I’ll highlight for you how you can use the positive self-esteem that you have to overcome just about anything. My week started off on Monday. There was a thing that’s been on my calendar forever. This Monday one of my clients, somebody who’s been a client of mine for probably … I guess if I had to look, it was 8 or 9 months. Someone who’s been a client for 8 or 9 months had asked me to circle Monday, this past Monday.

He was going to be in Florida. He wanted me to meet him for breakfast. He’s from the West Coast and we speak every week. He’s a weekly consulting client. I work with him on different aspects of his business. He’s an entrepreneur. I work with him on different aspects of his business focusing on growing and improving his business. The work we’ve done together has produced significant results for him. I won’t characterize them as great. If it were my business, I would say the results are great. I would say they were fantastic, but people look at things differently. The results, the value that I’ve provided to him was significant and he’d be the first person to admit this. Sunday night comes, he texts me, sends me the address of where I’m to meet him.

I was led to believe the address was right around the corner from me. It turns out it was about an hour away. He was at a Buddhist Retreat Center which is in the middle of the Florida Everglades. Now this studio where I’m recording this, my home and my studio is right off the back of my home. My home and my studio is on the border of the Everglades. It was natural for me to think this would be close by. Nevertheless, I committed to going, so I decided to go. I drive an hour into the middle of the Everglades to meet this gentlemen. I come to the Buddhist Retreat Center. I park. We meet. We’re sitting having breakfast and talking. He’s talking about all the good things that are going on in his life and in his business.

He thanks me profusely and then he drops the hammer on me. He says to me that he’s got some things in his business that he needs to address and he’s bringing in a consultant, a different consultant, to address them. He gives me these list of things that he and I have never discussed and we speak once a week by the way. He and I have never discussed. He’s never raised them. I would have never thought to ask about them because I didn’t know that these things we’re going on. He says to me, “I’m using your idea,” the idea that I gave him, “to kick this whole thing off.” I look at him and I’m astonished. He says, “We’re going to have to discontinue our work so I can pay for this other consultant.” I said to him, “Why would you think to bring in another consultant to address the issues that you know I can handle?

I gave you the idea that kicked this off. Why would think to bring in another consultant?” He said to me, “I was reading this book and the author of this book … What she said really resonated with me. Her fees are much more than yours,” which also made me feel great. He’s bringing in somebody who cost a lot more than me. “I feel like she’s going to be able to fix what’s wrong with me.” Set aside how I responded to this gentlemen in this instance, bottom line is I drove the hour back from the Buddhist Retreat Center to my office knowing that this client, after our termination period, that this client was going to go away, that I’m not going to have this client anymore. That was on Monday. Yesterday which was Tuesday … We’re recording this on a Wednesday.

Yesterday which is Tuesday, I’m conducting a meeting that I do that I hold for lawyers once a month. It’s a group I run for lawyers in South Florida once a month. It’s one of the only ways I work with lawyers anymore, but it’s a powerful group of successful attorneys. We’re going around the room talking about things that are working. One of my clients makes a presentation in the meeting talking about how she’s raised her fees as a result of some of the things that I’ve taught her and her business has improved immeasurably. Then she goes on to say that she’s working with another consultant on a specific issue and that other consultant has produced fantastic results for her and she tells people what she’s paying the other consultant.

She’s paying the other consultant … You guessed it. More than she’s paying me. That’s Tuesday. Okay? Monday. Tuesday. Two hits which would have thrust most people into the valley of depression. They would have said to themselves, “What the hell am I doing wrong? I cannot believe my clients are paying other people more than they’re paying me. I am obviously not demonstrating my value. This is ridiculous.” All right. Last night, Tuesday night, those of you who listen regularly know that my family, we are baseball fanatics. My soon to be 8 year old son plays on 2 baseball teams. He’s playing on 2 baseball teams this fall. Year round he plays baseball. He plays baseball 6 days a week. He’s a baseball nut.

We watch baseball all the time. Even on winter we watch games that were played last year. We’re fanatics for baseball. Last night my son’s baseball team plays. They’re undefeated this season. They only lost 1 game in the summer season. It’s the fall season. They’re undefeated so far. They are 7-0 and 1. They actually have a tie. They ran out of time in 1 game and they ended up tying the other team. They’re playing a team that’s 5 and 1. The teams meet and they’re down going into the last inning. They’re the visiting team. Top of the sixth inning they’re down by 5 runs. They played probably one of their worst games of the year. Defensive they’re all over the place. They’re down by 5 runs.

This team hits like crazy and they’re just not hitting really well in this game. At the 8 and under level in the league that they play in, the sixth inning is what they call an open inning. There’s usually a runs limit per inning, but in the sixth inning you can score as many runs as possible. In the sixth inning, my son’s team gets up and something unbelievable happens. Their bats woke up and they scored 18 runs in the sixth inning. 18 runs in the sixth inning. They put the team away and they won the game. Their character was such they were able to come back in spite of being down the entire game. These 3 stories all strung together. We talk about things that could be setbacks. I came home from that game last night.

We’re all fired up. We’re excited. Everybody goes to bed. We’re all fired up. We’re excited. Everybody goes to bed. It’s 11:00. I put on the television in the background. I pour myself a glass of wine and I’m just reviewing what’s going on in my business to get ready for today and I noticed something unusual. I looked at the proposals that I’ve written actually just this week alone based on the activity that I’ve conducted over the last couple of months. You know what? I have more proposals outstanding. I’m due to get more answers on proposals by the end of this week than I’ve ever had in my history. We’re recording this show … Right now it is the end of October. It’s October 26, Wednesday, October 26 when we’re recording this. My proposals for 2017 …

If all of the proposals I have outstanding this week alone come through, my 2017 revenue will be close to double the revenue I did in 2016. Just the proposals that I’ve written and I have outstanding this week alone. I finished my glass of wine last night. I go up to get into bed and my wife is sitting there watching the news. I mute the TV for a second and I say, “You know what? You and I spent so much time in the last couple of days talking about ridiculously bad things that have happened. I just looked at what’s going on in the business,” in our business because it is our business and I showed her the numbers. She said, “Oh, my goodness.” She said, “This could be your best week ever.” I said, “You’re 100% right.”

Edwin and everybody else who’s listening, you’re perspective is so important. Human nature leads us to focus on the things that are happening in our lives that are negative. The reason we do that is simply because of how we’re wired. You need to rewire your brain and focus on the things that are going on that are positive. Focus on the things that are going well. You can choose who you want to be in your mind. The beauty of the human mind is it cannot tell the difference between reality and your perception. You can choose to believe that you are the person who has achieved the greatest result you’ve ever achieved in your business. When I was the managing shareholder of The Gallup Organization, I closed a deal which was the biggest deal in the history of the firm at the time.

It was a $20 million consulting deal. I choose to believe that I’m the guy that closed the $20 million deal. I’m not the guy that drove out into the middle of a swamp and got fired by a client at a Buddhist Monastery. That’s not me. That happened and it’s hysterical. It’s absolutely hysterical that it happened and I will use that story forever because I think it’s a terrific story. I’m not that guy. That’s one incident that happened to me. I’m the $20 million guy. That’s what I choose to believe. When I look back on Friday at this week, I’m going to look back and I’m going to look at the proposals that I have outstanding. Even if only 1 or 2 of them come through, it was a fantastic week. When Nick, my son, looks at the game he played last night, he doesn’t look at the 5 innings his team was getting crushed.

He looks at the one inning when they scored all those runs. That’s what he looks at. That’s who he chooses to believe he is. Here’s some things you can do. Here’s some things you can do to boost your self-esteem because what you put out to the universe and this is going to sound all foo foo, hokey, but it’s true. What you choose to put out to the universe comes back to you. People perceive you the way you present yourself to the world. This is not some mystical holistic hocus pocus. I’m not making fun of you holistic mystical people. Believe anything you want to believe. This is fact. If you approach people with confidence, if you approach people like you’re the $20 million person, they will believe you are the $20 million person.

If you approach people like you’re the sad sack loser who can’t get a deal done, who got fired in a Buddhist Monastery, who’s client stood up in front of everyone else and told everyone else that she was paying a consultant more than she’s paying you, if you choose to believe you’re that person, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will be that loser. Choose to believe the good things and you will put out to the world that you are that best person in your industry and people accept you at your own appraisal. Here’s what I want you to do to shift your mindset. I want you to do these 5 things. These 5 things. Number 1, list all the positives that have happened to you during the course of the day. List all the positives that have happened to you during the course of the day and review them at the end of the day before you go to sleep.

If you can’t think of all the positives, list 2 or 3 and focus on those positives. Let those be the last thing you think of before you put your head on the pillow at night because I want that to be the last memory you have before you go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, take that same list which should be on our nightstand next to your bed and look at that list first thing in the morning. These are the great things that happened to me yesterday. Then when the negative comes in, just push it out. Say, “I don’t want to think about that. I want to think about these positive things.” Number 2, at dinnertime, eliminate all the negative talk. Only talk about good things that happened during the day at dinner. In our house we go around the table and we talk about the best thing that happened to you today.

We talk about the best thing that happened. We start off by talking about the funniest thing that happened. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you today? It could be something that happened to you personally. It could be something that you saw, something that you observed. Then we talk about the best thing that happened to you today. We do that because we want to focus on the positives. Then, because I have 2 little kids, my wife and I pick out a couple of goods things we caught the kids doing during the course of the day and we talk about a couple of the good things we caught the kids doing to reinforce the positive behavior. Dinnertime conversation is so important.

If you spend your dinnertime conversation talking about, “I can’t believe that my health care premiums are going to double. Can you believe what this woman said about me in this meeting? Oh, my God,” it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you focus on the negative, it’s going to drag you down. Don’t do that. Spend your dinnertime conversation focusing on the positive. If you eat dinner by yourself, you should be spending the time with your self-talk … Okay. This is so important. Your self-talk in your mind, your mental movie theater, should be playing the highlight reel of the day, not the lowlights. It shouldn’t be playing the reel of times when you tripped and you spilled coffee all over that brand new blouse you bought. That’s not going to be helpful.

You should be reviewing in your mind the mental highlight reel from the day. You’ll have a smile on your face at the end of dinner and when you walk around, people will see you smiling and people are attracted to people who are smiling. They’re attracted to happy people. The third thing I want you to do is I want you to make a conscious effort to get testimonials. Nancy and I in our episode last week talked about how to get testimonials. The episode last week is called The Ask. The Ask. You can look for it at DaveLorenzo.com under podcasts. You’ll find The Ask there or you can just go to DaveLorenzo.com and type in T-H-E-A-S-K and you’ll find that episode. It’s a great episode where we talked about how you get testimonials. Get positive testimonials. Get at least 1 or 2 a week.

Your testimonials are a huge part of your marketing, a huge part of your sales process, but more importantly, review those testimonials to boost your own self-esteem. Those testimonials show the value you provide. Read them. Believe them. People wouldn’t have written them, they wouldn’t have said those words if they didn’t think they were true. You are that person. You are the person who provided that value in order to earn that testimonial. When you’re down in the dumps, read your testimonials. Number 4, I want you to diagnose your best achievements. So often when we screw up, we spend every minute of every hour of the day after going through step-by-step what happened. Think about the last time you had a conflict or a fight with someone particularly in your personal life.

You go back and you think to yourself, “Man, I said this. I said this. I said this. He said this. He said this. He said this. Oh, my goodness. I wish I could go back and here’s what I would do differently.” I don’t want you to do that anymore. That’s gone. That’s over with. Forget about that. What I want you to do is I want you to take the best possible things that have happened to you and I want you to spend your time diagnosing that. That great deal that you signed, that great deal that you just closed, I want you to think about how that relationship got started. I want you to think about the hard work and persistence you put into to win those people over. I want you to think about that one point when everything could have gone the other way and you pulled it back from the brink.

You’re that person. I want you to diagnose your best deals. I want you to go through and obsess over step-by-step what you did and think about how you can do it again. You can do it on command. You can do it anytime you want to. You’re that person. That’s the guy, that’s the woman you are. I want you to diagnose those great deals and forget about the ones that fall by the wayside. Who cares about them? Over and done with. Finally, the fifth point is I want you to remember this specific phrase, “Today’s activity leads to tomorrow’s result. Today’s activity leads to tomorrow’s result.” If you want to influence tomorrow, get busy doing the right things today. After you’ve diagnosed those fantastic deals that you’ve closed, you’ve broken them down and you saw it step-by-step.


Go out and do those same things today, right now. Diagnose how you started the relationship that led to the million dollar deal you closed and then go out right now today and do that activity with 5 or 6 or a dozen different people who could become that next million dollar client. Focus on the steps you’re taking today to make tomorrow the day you close the biggest deal ever. You will relate the fact that you’re taking positive steps today to million dollar deals tomorrow and you will never ever get down in the dumps again. You will never feel bad about what happens to you because you know you’re doing the right things. Our self-esteem is one of the most critical aspects of our success. If you’re an entrepreneur, your self-esteem is more important than any financial investment.

Your self-esteem is more important than any skills or knowledge or talent. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll be able to take whatever action is necessary to achieve the results that you want. When things happen, you’ll be resilient. You’ll be able to bounce back from adversity and you’ll be able to come even stronger than you were before. This is probably the most important concept that you can master as an entrepreneur, as a business leader, as a sales professional. The sooner you understand and internalize this concept, the more you’ll feel like you’re of the world and the better you will perform in your business and in your life.

My friends, it is a pleasure to share this with you and I want your feedback on how you’ve been able to leverage these concepts to achieve success. The best way to reach out to me is to connect with me on social media. We’ve got so much stuff going on on social media. There are articles that are going up every day on my Facebook page and you can find that Facebook page @TheDaveLorenzo. I put up one minute videos all the time on concepts just like this on Instagram. Again that’s @TheDaveLorenzo on Instagram. I put up a whole bunch of stuff on Twitter which is related not only to business strategies, sales, marketing, productivity improvement, but also my thoughts on the election, politics, baseball, football, sports, ridiculous things that happen to me all the time.

I put that stuff on Twitter. You can find my Twitter handle. You can find me on Twitter @TheDaveLorenzo on Twitter. Of course, the fantastic center, the hub of information for sales and beyond is my website. That’s DaveLorenzo.com. It’s my name with dot com after it, DaveLorenzo.com. On there we’ve got dozens and dozens of videos, hundreds of articles, all of these podcasts. If you want to go back and listen, they’re all there for you. DaveLorenzo.com. As always I thank Nancy Pop, our fantastic producer for joining me on the show today. I thank you for listening. Until next time.

Leverage Strengths

Leverage Strengths: Claim Your Territory

The key to success in sales and in business is to leverage your strengths. Focus on maximizing the things at which you excel and ask for help in all other areas.

In my backyard, just beyond the fence that separates our pool from the wildlife, is the Florida Everglades.

It begins with a little lake surrounded by the homes in my neighborhood.

In that lake live all kinds of critters.

For the most part, they get along pretty well.   The turtles stick to the water. The ducks land on the bank and snap up anything people toss their way, and the hawks circle around until they see something crawling, then they swoop down and carry it off.

Each of the dozens of animals that live here has a territory.

When one of the ducks had babies, several of the other inhabitants of the lake tried to take advantage of the vulnerability of the chicks. When the mother found food for her brood, she’d drop it at their feet. The turtles and several different types of birds tried to take the food away.

When this happened, the mother duck would stand straight up, cock her neck back, spread her wings wide, and make an intimidating noise.

That was impressive enough to scare everything away. The mother duck was in her territory, protecting it.  In that environment, with that motivation, she was invincible.

Each of us has our own territory. We all have a place where we are invincible.

The best thing we can do, for ourselves and for our businesses, is to claim our territory and work on building and expanding it.

I work with lots of attorneys and business leaders who are excellent public speakers. The best thing they can do is focus on getting as many speaking engagements in front of as many audiences of clients and referral sources as possible.

There are other business owners who are brilliant at creative content and graphic design. They can develop outstanding advertisements that instantly connect with viewers.

And there are still other business leaders and attorneys who are master wordsmiths. They write and people act.

Each of these folks has a territory. They should focus on claiming it, expanding it, and delegating everything else to others whenever possible.

This is another way of saying leverage your strengths and manage everything else.

Focus on building your strengths and the sky is the limit.

Spend your time doing that.  Claim your territory.  Become invincible within it.

That’s one of the biggest keys to success in business and in life.

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Training Intensity Makes a Difference

Who Cares More?

Training intensity makes a difference.

In the gym the other day I was running on the treadmill when I spotted a woman walking around with a personal trainer.

Well, I smelled her before I saw her.

She was wearing perfume – lots of it – and so much make-up it looked like she was headed to a club on South Beach.

Her sneakers were bright white with no scuff marks.

Her water bottle was one of those fancy bright pink things with a clip on the top.

As the trainer showed her each station in the gym I got the sense she was concerned about the glistening of her forehead because she kept patting it with a monogrammed hand towel.

In my mind, I envisioned the conversation between her and the trainer three months from now.  She will be upset because she will have invested $3,000 (or more) in personal training sessions and not seen results.

Is that a fair assumption?

Think about it.

We’re excited, even enthusiastic, when we begin something new.  We get fired-up about the outcome.  We want it so badly we’re willing to invest in an expert to offer us guidance.

But then comes the hard part.


You know – doing something that feels uncomfortable.

We ask ourselves:

Do I want this outcome that badly?

What will other people think when I achieve the results?

What if I go through all this work, this struggle, and success doesn’t look like I imagined?

What if I work hard and I fail? That would feel terrible.  Isn’t it better not to start this?

This is what people think when they start a new program

And they remember the conversation with the trainer on the first day.

He said:

“This is going to be hard.  You’re going to need to be motivated.  Sometimes even paying for the gym membership and the personal training is not enough motivation.  You’ll need to find it within yourself to come here and put in the work.”

So now, you’re three months into your six-month commitment.

And you have not approached the training sessions with the intensity necessary to get the results you desire.

You have three choices:

Choice one:  You can quit.  Things will stay the same.

Choice two: You can summon up the courage and get going with the level of intensity necessary to achieve the results you desire.

You squandered the first few months of your time with the trainer; you cannot do anything about that.

But you can take control of things and make the most of the next three months.

Choice three:  You can blame the guy in the gym.  The guy you paid all that money to.  On some level it’s got to be his fault, right?  There he was. Waiting for you to show up each time you canceled your training appointments.  Why didn’t he talk you out of canceling?

And when you went to the gym, and you refused to do the exercises he recommended, why didn’t he have other exercise ideas ready for you?

And when you did the workout he outlined, but only half-heartedly (because you needed to save some energy for going out later) why didn’t he push you?  Why didn’t he shame you into working harder?

In fact, when you didn’t call to schedule appointments with him two weeks in a row, why didn’t he call you?

What are you paying that guy for anyway?  Some of this has to be his fault.



The problem is you.

You are not ready to take responsibility for your success.

You hired a guy to train you.  He’s successfully trained hundreds of people.  The transformation stories and photos hang on the wall of his office.  All of those people had the same ability as you.  The people who were successful simply brought more intensity to the gym.  They showed up. They did what the trainer told them to do. They worked hard – even at stuff they didn’t like.

They didn’t argue with the trainer when he led them through an exercise that made them uncomfortable.  They didn’t refuse to do something hundreds of others had done.

They didn’t ask for another workout without putting a full effort into the workout designed specifically for them.

At some point, you will look in the mirror and realize you cannot blame the trainer for what you see.

You can only blame the person who eats the food, sits on the couch, and makes the excuses.

The trainer cannot care more about your fitness than you do.  It’s not possible.

So that leaves you with two choices.

Choice one: Start over.

Keep your commitment to yourself.  Call the trainer and get back in the gym.  He’ll be happy to see you.

And no, he won’t judge you.

He’s a professional, and he’s been through this more than a few times before.

Choice two: Quit.

But realize when you quit; you’re quitting on yourself.

You’re not quitting on the trainer.  He’s got plenty of other people who are killing themselves with him.  People who are getting results.  People who really had a desire to change.

It’s pretty simple when you look at it that way.

So I finished my run on the treadmill.  I walked past the trainer and the lady with the perfume.  She was complaining because she broke a nail trying to do a bicep curl.

You and the lady in the gym are in a similar situation.

We’ve just begun our relationship together.  I share great training information with you – information like this article.

Do you take it and implement it with intensity, or skim the information waiting for something to motivate you?

But, like the woman in the gym, if you don’t bring the motivation to the workout, you won’t get it from anyone else.

Amp up your intensity when it comes to sales training. Take the ideas I share with you and challenge yourself to implement them immediately.

Remember, in training intensity makes a difference.

Here are three great ideas you can implement right now:

Forget Branding Focus on Sales

Too many “gurus” will have you focus on building a brand.  That does not put fod on the table.  What does? Selling.

How to Make More Money In Sales

The formula for making more money in sales is simple.  Take more action.  This article explains.

How to Overcome Rejection

Everyone in sales gets rejected.  Here’s how to keep that from damaging your mental health.

People Around You

Who Are The People Around You?

Have you ever wondered why some people always achieve excellence in everything they do?  We have all come across people who, no matter what life throws at them, always seem to succeed.  Sure they take some lumps from time to time.  Yes, they have an occasional setback.  But ultimately, they are winners.

There are many things you can do to elevate your performance.  There are dozens of things you can do to help advance your career and grow your business.  There is one thing that may just be more important than all others.  There is one thing that truly separates the good from the great.

That one thing is the people who surround you.  I’m talking about the people who you allow into your life both personally and professionally.  I’m not talking about your family.  You don’t get to pick them.  I am talking about your friends and business associates.   If you want to fulfill your potential both as a business leader and as a person, you need to surround yourself with people who are better, smarter, and quicker than you.

Reverse Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is that thing our parents always warned us about.  As a leader looking to build a successful business, surrounding yourself with peers who are smart, aggressive, ethical entrepreneurs is a great way to stimulate your personal growth.

Each of us is judged by the company we keep.  I am not talking about perception.  I am talking about something real.  Something more important.  Your growth. Look at any entrepreneur whose business has stopped growing and you will find stagnant people around him.

Avoid Feeding Your Own Ego

It’s human nature.  We all want to be the smartest, most successful person in the room.  But that kind of thinking is a recipe for failure.  I would rather be the dumbest person in a room full of geniuses than be a genius in a room full of dummies.

Here is your action item for this week:

Go out and make a list of the successful people you know but have not interacted with in a while (if ever).  Pursue them like a high school girl pursues a matinee idol.  Establish a relationship with them and learn as much as you can.

What does not grow (intellectually or physically) begins to die.  Said another way…

The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning…

Surround yourself with excellence and you will shape your destiny.

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Your Fee Says a Lot About You

What you charge tells people who you are. You may not like it but your fee says a lot about you. Everything you know about your fee will change.

How To Overcome Rejection

You just lost a big account.

You didn’t close the deal you were planning on closing.

You were rejected on a sales call.

These things can set you back. It happens because the failure gets into your head. You feel that just because one person didn’t want you, everyone doesn’t want you.

In fact, just like the language I use above, you personalize the lack of success in your business.

You shouldn’t do that.

In order for you to achieve overwhelming success in business and in life you only have to be “right” a fraction of the time.

I use the baseball batting average to describe this.

The best hitters in baseball only get a hit 3 out of 10 times they step up to bat.

You only have to be successful 1 time out of 10 because in business one home run can sustain you for a lifetime.

The video below will help you get through some of the rough patches when you are not as effective as you would like to be. Watch this when things don’t go your way. Watch it when you feel rejected.

How To Overcome Rejection

I often hear from clients that they’re getting depressed because they lost a client relationship that was valuable to them or something happened in their business that has just really got them down.

Now I’m not talking about clinical depression. If you feel like you’re clinically depressed you need to get some help from a mental health professional. If you’ve just got the blues I’ve got a great way to cure them and you can do this in your office, at your home, you can do it wherever you are whenever you’re feeling a little bit down.

Right now get out a piece of paper and write down vertically the letters C, A, P. The acronym is C, A, P.

You’ll see them written on the board behind me here in green, C, A, P. I want you to think about these 3 things and I want you to take some action to cure the doldrums that you’re currently in.

What I’d like you to do when you’re feeling a little bit down is reach out and call your best client or a couple of your great clients and I’d like you to ask them what it is you do for them that makes you different. Just call them up and say, “Hey Joe, I’m doing a study, I’m taking a little survey, improving my marketing and I’d like to know what is it about me, what is it about my business, what is it about my firm that makes me or us different? What makes me different? What do I do particularly well? What do I do for you that you find valuable?”

Now you’re soliciting this feedback under the pretense of conducting a market research survey and you can use this in your marketing but what it will do is it will make you feel better about yourself. This is always helpful. I always tell my clients whenever you’re feeling down review testimonials that you’ve captured and call your best clients and find out what makes you different, what makes you great at what you do.

The second thing you need to do is you need to think about alternatives.

Whenever you’re feeling down or you’re depressed, you’ve got the blues, you need to realize that there is always, always, always an alternative out there to any problem or situation that you’re facing. I tell the story all the time about how I started my business in 2008. I went out on my own and started working with lawyers in 2008 and there couldn’t have been a worse time to start a business. The world was crumbling down all around us. Financial markets were locked up. Lawyers from big firms were being laid off everywhere and my focus at the time was solely on lawyers. What I did was I went out and I provided hope for people who didn’t have any. By providing that hope, I showed them, my way of providing hope was to show them how to attract new clients. Just the conversations alone were uplifting for them and it showed them that there was an alternative to simply doing nothing so you need to realize there’s always an alternative out there. You just may not see it and that brings us to our third point and that’s the letter P in the acronym.

The letter P stands for person.

You need to find a person who can help you see the alternative with fresh eyes so reach out to a person whose been in a situation that you’re in currently and know that there’s always a person out there that you can talk to. Look for a person whose been in your current situation, the situation that’s bringing you down, the situation that’s giving you the blues, reach out to them and ask them for the alternatives they used to get through the current situation.

Bottom line is if you have nobody to call I want to be the person that you call. I want to be that person if you have nobody else to call so reach out to me, call me and know that there’s always an alternative.

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When it comes to selling you can never quit. You must keep going after your prospective client until he agrees to work with you. If you believe you can help, you have no choice but to persist.

Constantly Look for Better ways to Do Everything

“What are we doing here?” This is a question I ask myself to force continuous improvement.

How to Visualize Your Goals

How To Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the most important elements of success. But a goal is just a wish until you take action toward achieving it.

There is one step in between setting the goal and taking the action that you cannot forget. You need to visualize the success you will have when you achieve the goal.

If you do not believe the goal can be real, if you have not visualized the success in your mind, you will never be able to give your full effort toward achieving it.

The video below provides you with an easy technique to help you visualize the success you will experience when you achieve your goals.



Visualize Success And Achieve Your Goals

Today we’re focused on helping you visualize success. Lots of people talk about goal setting, and setting goals is important. Even more important than that is visualizing what success will look like for you.

You see, you can’t go somewhere in reality until you go there in your mind.

Success is no different. Success is a destination for you, but you have to go there in your mind first. I want you to get a good picture of what your success in the future will look like.

In order to do this, I need you to get out a sheet of paper. You’re going to write down the answers to some questions.

These three questions will help you visualize your future success. If you do this exercise two or three times a week and you review these answers each day, you’ll be far more likely to be successful because you’ll be familiar with where you’re going.

Question #1. When you are successful, when you’ve achieved the level of success you’re striving for right now, what will you say no to that you’re currently saying yes to?

What will you say no to in the future instead of yes. Write down your answers to that question. What things will you say no to instead of yes in the future when you’ve achieved a level of success you desire.

Question #2. I want you to finish this sentence.

I know I am successful when …

I know I am successful when …

In my case, I know I am successful when my business commitments never ever come before my family commitments. I know I am successful when I am able to take time off at short notice without having to worry about work deadlines.

I know I am successful when I take off every Friday from June through September.

I know I am successful when I travel 30 days out of the year. Those are some of the ways that I answer that question. You should answer that question however you want to. You should answer that question with as many answers as possible so that you clearly visualize what success will like to you. More importantly, you know what success will feel like when you’ve achieved it.

The final answer I want you to put down is finish this sentence: With an extra $100,000 I will …

Finish this sentence:

With an extra $100,000 I will …

It is critically important that you know the answer to this question. You will never earn the extra $100,000 unless you have a plan for what you will do with it. It’s amazing how often we meet our “musts.”

It’s amazing how often we do what we have to do in order to survive on a day-to-day basis. You’ll notice that often times you’re financial life will mirror this. You have a specific payment that’s due. All of a sudden, you figure out how to make that money.

Finishing that sentence will help you get to the point where you have the extra $100,000.

These three things, these three questions will help you visualize the success you deserve and the success you’ll achieve.

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Here are some reasons you should be comfortable with sales. They will help you sleep better at night.

Know How Strong You Are

How Do You Know How Strong You Are?

How do you know how strong you really are?

This is an odd question, I know, but the answer is incredibly valuable.

Toughness is not always about being able to cut a good deal. My client base is made up of entrepreneurs, sales professionals and attorneys. All of these folks have to be tough in order to achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurs face huge risk. They put their financial future on the line when they start-up a business. Their belief in themselves must be so great, it will help them overcome the desire for the safety and security of earning conservative interest investing their money in conservative financial instruments.

Sales pros face rejection every day. They keep coming back in spite of overwhelming negativity. That’s tough.

But lawyers are special.  They are ruthless negotiators. They are aggressive defenders of the United States Constitution.  They are tenacious advocates for their clients.   They will race you to the courthouse, kick your ass in the parking lot, crush you in front of the judge and take your kid’s favorite toy just to make sure you think twice about coming back.  When fear goes to sleep at night, it looks under the bed for these lawyers.

But the minute these incredibly tough people face some small sense of adversity within their law practice or their lives, everything comes unglued.

Don’t think this situation is exclusive to lawyers.  I use them as an example in this email because many of them are notoriously “tough on the outside.”  This can happen to any business leader in any industry.

Take the case of a guy we will call Bill.  He is a pit bull litigator who works with wealthy clients in Palm Beach County, Florida. He eats other attorneys for breakfast and lunch and takes on public officials for dinner.  Bill is intense, high strung, and determined to win everything from a pie eating contest to cases before the Florida Supreme Court.

Yet a couple of months ago Bill’s entire law practice fell apart.  He began missing deadlines.  The attorneys who work for him stopped send out monthly invoices to their clients.  Some of them had forgotten to keep track of exactly what work they were doing (which makes billing even more difficult). The phone went to voicemail at all hours of the day and the mail piled up on the reception desk.   In short, Bill’s law firm was a shambles.

What was the cause of this mess?

Bill’s administrative assistant quit about 90 days ago.  Even though Bill can destroy an adversary in the courtroom he is no match for adversity in his law firm.  In talking to people who know him, I learned that this has been Bill’s downfall throughout his entire career.  The administrative assistant quits and he falls behind for six months.  He goes through a nasty divorce and it takes him two years to recover.  His car is stolen and he loses a month of valuable work time trying to figure out what to do.   The slightest amount of adversity in this man’s life brings everything to a screeching halt.

While this is certainly an extreme example, it provides us with an important lesson.  As a law firm owner, you are a business owner.  The hallmark of a successful business owner is not how he handles himself and his business when things run smoothly; it is how he handles the fifteen catastrophes he faces before he has his lunch.

Things happen. Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes lots of bad things happen at the same time.  You have to be able to deal with it.

What is the secret to handling adversity?

There are two key components to handling adversity.

The first component is attitude. You must accept the fact that things will go wrong in business and in life.  You can plot, plan and pray all you want but stuff is going to happen.  Your job is to deal with it, learn from it, and prevent it from happening again in the future (if possible).  Accept this reality and take care of the situation as quickly and as effectively as possible.  Then put it behind you.

The second component is a support system.  Even tough guys have people they turn to when things get crappy.  You need people in your life who will listen to you, offer you a reality check, and sometimes just be a shoulder to cry upon.   The only substitute for this is a nervous breakdown.

What can you do right now?

The action items for you on this topic are simple.

First:  Identify the people in your work and in your life who are strong.  Find people who have been through tough situations and survived or even thrived afterward.  Treasure your relationships with these folks because they are the people you call upon in tough times.

Next:  Adjust your attitude.  Convince yourself that you can handle adversity.  Think back to some of the worst times in your life and think about how you have moved on from them and become a better person because you faced them.  Remind yourself that you have the willpower and resources to handle anything life throws at you.

Once you are fortified with your army of supporters and your defiant attitude you can welcome adversity into your business and your life.  Once it gets there, kick its ass so it thinks twice about coming back.

Here are three additional resources you can use to continue to develop your mental toughness:

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