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FREE Information and FREE Consultations Kill Client Attraction

When the COVID-19 pandemic began I immediately reached out to people in my community and on the periphery of my community. I wanted to help business owners and professionals. Here’s what I did: Offered FREE Daily Podcasts I was already doing a podcast but I increased the frequency and expanded the areas of focus to […]

How Do You Find The Right Clients

As I’ve matured in my business career I’ve given a great deal of thought to the relationships I have with my clients. Some clients are better than others. Why? Because they spend more money with you? Because they stay with you longer? Because they refer other people to you? All of those are important criteria, […]

You Need This Now More Than Ever

You have a tremendous opportunity to get out in front of your industry and capture HUGE market share. Why? Because while everyone else is just trying to survive, you can innovate, differentiate and demonstrate value. If you do these three things consistently, people will flock to you in droves. Why? They Receive a Massive Return […]

The Reason You Don’t Have More Clients

There is one question I’m asked consistently each time I connect with a new client for the first time. “Why don’t I have more clients? Often people think they are doing everything they can to build and grow a professional from. Maybe they join a networking group or hire a company to build a website […]

Resilience Is Your Competitive Advantage

I have never been a big fan of planning for retirement. I’d rather build a business I love and look forward to doing that every day until I’m physically unable to do that any longer. This is the reason I set up my business with a work-from-home model. It has always been my goal to […]

Daily Conversations Saved My Life

Back in the days when I had dozens of employees, I would ask lots of open-ended questions during the interview process.  One of my favorite questions was: “Tell me about a time when you had to make a big change in your life.” One time, during an interview with a man named “Michael” I asked […]

Put Relationships First: Profit Will Follow

Relationships are the key to long term success in business and in professional services. Today’s show, which is day ten, in ten days of success, outlines the five ways you can put relationships first in your business. First: Start with an external orientation. You have to put the needs of the client at the forefront […]

You Were Right

Words get us in trouble all the time. There are some things we don’t say that we should. In fact, there are many phrases you almost never hear. Here are five of those phrases and reasons why we should use them more often. “You were right.” This phrase is almost never spoken in business. Most […]

Learn Every Day: Ten Days of Success

There are many ways to learn and grow each day and there are many benefits to learning. Today we discuss some of the ways to increase your knowledge and we also discuss the benefits of learning each day. This is Season 2 Show 30 Episode 152. Here is what we cover: There are many places […]

I Was Too Embarrassed To Ask for Help

This is day seven of the ten days of success and today we discuss asking for help. Years ago, when I first started my business, I was new to direct response marketing techniques. I was sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and I almost went broke. Why? Because I was too proud to […]

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